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Source in the City

A New York City Based Strategic Sourcing Agency with a Focus on Sustainable Solutions Designed for Medium to Large-Sized Meeting and Events

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What If…

Someone else sourced your hotel blocks?

Each booking was expertly negotiated to save you money?

Every booked room included carbon offsets to erase your company’s travel footprint?

Your sourcing concierge aligned with your values and contributed to a charity in your name?

What if all of this came at no additional cost to you or your company?

Hotel Sourcing

Job #1: finding you the perfect home base. There are many variables at play. We consider everything from your group size, travel dates and budget to the hotel’s sustainability grades and everything in between. We make sure you have all the facts so this decision can be made with purpose.

Event Sourcing

We know your event will have many needs. You may need an intimate dinner setting for an off-site executive meeting or a yoga studio for a morning stretch for your entire guest list. Perhaps you’re wondering what alternatives exist for the expensive in-house A/V option at your event venue. Whatever you might need, from guest transportation, to on-site registration or even simply an extra set of hands, we are your Source in the City.

Virtual Event Sourcing

Are you hosting an event virtually? Or supplementing your live event with a virtual option for guests who couldn’t make the trip? Source in the City has a wealth of knowledge in virtual and hybrid events that we’re excited to share with you.

A solution Where People & Travel Meet Sustainability.

Through Creativity, Integrity & Innovation We Design Initiatives that Support your Brand’s Core CSR Goals and Align them with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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our planet matters and so does your bottom line

If saving the planet is not enough of an incentive to adopt responsible business practices, there is another incentive: it can boost revenue. Socially and environmentally responsible travel, meetings, and events have the power to:

• Cut costs

• Entice customers

• Attract and retain talent

• Help reduce your footprint

Source In The city Backed By An A-List Team of founders

The partners at Source in the City have decades of travel and event industry experience and relationships with major brands across the globe. We’re here to leverage that for you!

Why Source In the City?

Source in the City is a sustainable corporate group travel company that provides travel solutions for social enterprises and do-good organizations to manage medium to large sized meetings and events.

Our industry experience and tools, clients can focus on their businesswhile we help maximize savings and transform events into a force for good.

We are leading global procurement specialist for hotel sourcing and event venue selection. We work upfront to understand your unique needs and then do all the legwork behind the scenes. From sending RFPs to getting every question on your check-list answered, Source in the City is there for you.

But we don’t stop there. Source in the City understands the need for corporations to be environmentally conscious and socially active. That’s why when you work with us, carbon offsets are purchased for each booked room to help erase your company’s event travel footprint. Not only that – contributions are made to charitable causes that align with your company’s values.


Fully Customized: Impact Report

Our Integrative Impact Initiative

• Custom brand-aligned activation

• Environmental impact and carbon tracking

• Carbon-offsetting strategy

• Guide to carbon offsetting

• Internal/External* Impact reporting

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